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Finger Print Treatment

Digital Capture System

dedicated workstation for processing latent fingerprints offering the complete solution to their examination from capture to enhancement to courtroom presentation as evidence.

DCS4 (16)

DCS4 (17)

DCS4 (18)

DCS4 (1)      DCS4 (2)      DCS4 (3)
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Fuming Cabinets

Have been re-designed to provide the operator with increased functionality and to accommodate the exclusive one-stage process of PolyCyano staining.



Forensic climate chambers

For the development of Ninhydrin and DFO treated latent fingerprints 

NINcha1          NINcha S31 on Trolley


Downdraft filter workstation climate chambers

Working with fingerprint powders releases fine particulate dust into the working environment, which should not be inhaled.

Thermal Fingerprint Developer
A breakthrough in the detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints using non-destructive thermal development