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Company's activities include the following:

  1. Forensic Systems : is about providing Turn Key solutions in Field of (fingerprints, Questioned Documents detect forgery and counterfeiting , criminal photography labs, criminal laboratory management system , Ballistics & Tools Marks examinttin , Crime Scene , computer crimes and digital Forensic Lab , voices comparison, images comparison, accessories of chemical Laboratories , forensic medicine , heredi Tioxology , drugs & Explosive analyzing , surveillance cameras process systems , virtual training systems , mobile laboratories , providing qualified staff to complete the operation and maintenance contracts for criminal factories , providing practical training courses and workshops in all specializations of forensic work and through specialists in all areas inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
  2. Security systems :
    • Screening systems For Bags through X-rays
    • Walkthrough Metal Detector.
    • Screening cars and containers systems through X-rays.
    • Body Scan.
    • Training Aid.
    • Bombs & drugs detection systems.
    • Explosive ordnance disposal systems EOD.
    • Digital and thermal surveillance cameras systems.
    • Access control systems.
    • Integrated solutions for security gates.
    • Integrated solutions for security fences.
    • Remote monitoring systems.
    • Fire detection systems.
    • Different inspection systems for customs sector and airports.
    • Cars for private missions.
    • Live Shooting Range and simulator.
    • Security consulting for infrastructure projects.
  3. Military equipment and accessories :
    • Bullet-proof vests for civil and military clothes.
    • Anti-riot equipment.
    • Traffic equipment's.
    • Weapons accessories.
    • Day and night vision devices.
    • Accessories for Fast intervention units and Special Forces.
    • Armored cars and bullet-proof guard rooms.
    • VIP protection.
    • Safety Systems.